Talc Filler Masterbatch

Modiran Polymer's Talc Masterbatch is 75% talc filled LLDPE or PP concentrate. Increases stiffness, density and temperature resistance of polyolefin resins. Allows increased heat conductivity and higher output in film and sheet extrusion process. Serves as anti-block and smoother surface modifier.
What make our Fillers unique on the market:
• LLDPE or PP base carrier
• Very small particle size: D50=2,0 micron
• Price leader on EU market
Performance Characteristics
• Improves the Flow Properties and Strength of the final product
• Improves the stiffness of the final product
• Eliminates water carrying
• Improves the Whiteness &Transparency of the final product
• Less abrasive to extruders and lamination plants
• Improves heat resistance thus eliminating carbon
• Extends the life of Screen Filters

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