Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch

Calcium carbonate masterbatch, or calcium carbonate compound, is actually a filler, due to the white color of calcium carbonate, is considered an important and extraordinary advantage for use in the production of white products (as a cheap white pigment). This product is produced based on the PE and PP, for various industrial usages, with the highest quality.
Advantages of filler masterbatch:
Saving money and mixing time
No dispersion of pigments in the air and safety of employees
The possibility of adding additives that cannot be added directly to the product
Simplifying feeding and solving the problem of changing additive concentration and uniformity of color or properties during production
Low consumption
Elimination of the cost of cleaning
Increasing the stability of product properties and color
Improving the melting process due to the compatibility of the masterbatch bonding agent with the polymer
High transparency of the final product
Easy to move and store