White Masterbatch

White masterbatch is the most widely used masterbatch in the world and this product is a suitable stoichiometric mixture of titanium dioxide and anti-ultraviolet radiation additive.
The titanium dioxide used is sourced from the most famous and reliable brands in the world, that's why it has a very high quality in terms of particle size, light reflection and dispersion. The higher the percentage of titanium dioxide, the stronger the white color.
Titanium dioxide along with other additives are optimally integrated with each other in a polymer base and also the mentioned polymer base is selected in such a way that it is fully compatible and harmonious with the main polymer that is supposed to be used for painting the white masterbatch.
White Masterbatches used during the processing of Technical Plastics must possess high heat stabilization values. Furthermore, due to the fact that products manufactured using Technical Plastics are Consumer Durables, UV resistance of the White Masterbatches used during their production is also very important. In such products where appearance is valued, various different tons of White Masterbatches are used instead of plain white. For years, Modiran Polymer Company has been engaged in the production of White Masterbatches without compromising its quality oriented approach.
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This product group consists of: PE – PP –ABS based products.

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